Make your selfies gorgeous. Downloaded by over 1 billion. ✨

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Most people in the U.S. probably haven't heard of this app, even though it's been around since 2008. It just released in the U.S. and starting to go hashtag viral. It uses facial recognition and AR to make your selfies beautiful/creepy, similar to Snapchat lenses. For example:
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Damnit @rrhoover! I was JUST hunting this!! :P
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@rrhoover ;-) Ha... beauty cranked all the way to the right. LOL... imma need a longer slider.
@rrhoover You look very Ryan-driel. Cast for the next LOTR.
@rrhoover This app couldn't make you any more handsome.
For the love of God don't download it. On iOS it looks for jailbreak permissions, and then does malicious things if you have it. But on androif, it sends your imei (unique phone identification) to China
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Selfie gorgeous level achieved.
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@jakecrump can you make this your Slack profile photo? It brings me insane amounts of joy 😂🙌
@jakecrump this is the only way it should be done.
@jakecrump eww. dude, you look beautiful.
Uhhh yeah guys this app is almost certainly used for Very Bad Things (at least on Android). It's for sure sending IMEI, MAC Address and more to IPs in China. I'd bet the iOS version does what it can as well.
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Love this - I have officially achieved mermaid status
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