Vivid JS

A highly customizable, open source SVG icons library

Vivid.JS is an SVG Icons library which can be used to add highly customizable vibrant icons to the DOM without any dev dependencies.

Vivid.JS is easy to adapt and can bring SVG icons to life using html5 data attributes on the go.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
I like it. But: The popup on the landing page that asks to upvote the product on ProductHunt, is pretty annoying. And you can't remove it unless you click one of the buttons given.
@kaoussi I like the popup.. i think its shows passion for his product beyond push back from people's comments. I am sure he knew he would get "Feedback" saying "That's not the way we do things around here" but went ahead anyway.. that's passion.. we need more product owners like him
these are really nice :)
Really clean tool, but what makes it better than CSS based solutions, like FontAwesome for example?
Beautiful! Can't wait to see even more icons added as the time passes! Will definitely be watching this and probably implementing it in my new projects!
super cool!