GoPinLeads Amphi is the most extensive AI-powered local leads finder available on all major browsers and devices.

Tracking 75M companies and 300M employees in 250+ countries.

Use Amphi to develop a list of customers including company names, employees, social media links, phone numbers

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Hey Hunters 🤙 The seed of GoPinLeads was sown 4 years back with the birth of the parent company, Goodman Lantern Back then, we were approached by a Global lifestyle brand 👠 who asked us to produce a list of all the gyms in US, UK, India and Australia. We needed to conduct our research state-by-state and develop a list that included company names, employees, social media links, phone numbers, and more. Using a team of 5 qualified researchers, we completed the task manually over a 3-month period. Now, just two short years later, we are able to complete the same task in under 35 seconds 🔥. We’ve harnessed the power of AI to automate a time-consuming task, reducing months worth of work into a few short clicks. In December 2016, armed with our knowledge of software development and Artificial Intelligence, we had a major breakthrough. We started with GoPinLeads Chrome extension, which allows customers to find local leads of their prospective customers. Now, we have taken GoPinLeads to the next level. We have released a handy web-app which is available on any modern device including mobiles, tablets, and desktop PCs, called GoPinLeads Amphi 🐸) (Amphi-bian live both in water and on land. Amphi allows you to find local customer leads on your mobile, desktop, Safari browser, Playstation, Abacus (just kiddin') and more.) With the new version of our tool, no installations are required. Users can instantly generate leads with almost zero effort from their side. We are tracking over 75M companies and over 300M employees in more than 250 countries. Take your lead prospecting to epic levels. Simply enter a niche and city, region or country, and let the tool do all the hard work for you.
@rajanand , How do you identify companies who will be looking for such solutions ?

I love the product, you can find leads in no time at all and you get so much valuable information!


It is so easy and super fast



Looks great but why no email sign-up?
@pointandstare thanks. We took the decision early on to make it as easy as possible to signup and not remember new username and passwords. Also, skip a step of verification. Verification wasn't required as users were using their social media logins. But recently we have been asked for email signup, and we are looking to implement this now.
@rajanand With SM logins, you don't own any data, it's owned by the platforms and, of course, then they make money from it. Much better to own your own data ;)
@pointandstare that's a fair point :-) It's in our project backlog and we'll push this forward as a priority.

The tool is easy to use and drastically reduces the amount of time spent on lead generation.


Lightning-fast access to leads in any location.



Do you track people in the EU? Edit: in your gdpr statement you say "All leads are processed in real time from our partner networks." - who are these partner networks?
@scotty_bowler partner networks include the like of Google, LinkedIn and 10s of the other database where we purchase data from. We are currently working on a GDPR compatible version of GoPinLeads. Due to be out shortly. Please get in touch with me on if you'd like to learn how the GDPR compatible version will work.
@goodmanlantern @rajanand so you do a live query of their data endpoints and return the results?
@scotty_bowler That's correct.
@rajanand so if my data is returned by your system will you display who provided it? As I'd very much like to take it up with them for selling my data without my consent
@scotty_bowler in the GDPR compatible version we will focus on the company results. Plus use LinkedIn for prospecting 'end users' as opposed to emails.