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August 3rd, 2020

A personal CRM for Twitter
Search your Twitter followers
Flocknet launched yesterday as a tool to help you better understand your Twitter followers. Use it to sort your people by job, location and keyword. The result: A powerful personal CRM built on top of Twitter.

Maker, Aaron Ng, shared;

“We've heard more and more stories about how Founders are now finding their lead investors on Twitter, how early-stage startups are recruiting a significant number of their hires from their Twitter network, and how Investors are sourcing investments through their followings. People are already using Flocknet to keep track of their Twitter network, hire, find sales leads, friends, and even romantic partners”

Flocknet might look familiar for the astute. A year ago Aaron built Flock as a weekend project, frustrated by Twitter’s lack of tooling to filter followers. Now part of Y Combinator’s latest batch, Aaron’s aim for Flocknet is to build the “ultimate people search engine” starting with Twitter followers.

Early responses from the community:

“No better way to tap into your twitter data; super impressed and looks pretty polished.” – Himank

“Both searcher and provider get more information leveraging twitter (tweets, likes etc) than if they just relied on CV's or application forms.“ – William

“I've been a user for several weeks now. This is by far one of the best tools to interact with Twitter.” – Nick

If your own following is a too small for Flocknet, but you want to utilize Twitter to discover specific people, you can always use Tweeple to search a wider net of folks by their interest or occupation.

For those looking for more traditional personal CRMs check out Uphabit, KeepMyFriends and Dex (also a YC-backed company).

Our networks are bigger than ever before in the Internet age. We have friends and acquaintances scattered across multiple online communities (like Product Hunt!) and social networks. There’s a reason we’re seeing increased demand for something to help manage connections more efficiently. Until Elon and team launch Neuralink, we’ll use apps like Flocknet.
It’s a weird time to date when many restaurants, movie theaters, and bars are close around the world. Filter Off just launched a SIP-friendly video speed dating app with its virtual speed dating events.

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