Filter your Twitter network for investors, leads, & more.

#4 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2019
Flock is a tool for Twitter power-users to search and stay updated on interesting people in their network.
Use it to query for investors, recruiting leads, or folks that like the same stuff. Flock also updates you when people change jobs in their profiles.
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Very cool side project, @aaronykng. I created a hacky version of something similar for people I follow (not my followers) in Airtable. It serves as a CRM and is very helpful, although not comprehensive or fully up-to-date. We're going to use Flock for our new @yourstacks project at Product Hunt. 🥞
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@aaronykng @yourstacks @rrhoover I'll echo the sentiments here, very cool project! I'm curious to see how this might affect my Twitter usage, so will be interesting to see how I end up using it. Great build!
Thanks for the Hunt @rrhoover! I made Flock because it was something I needed myself: I travel to conventions a lot and found that Twitter search was really bad at surfacing people. I wanted to go to Anime Expo and pull a list of everyone interesting to meet there– go to NYC and pull a list of every designer that follows me and pick one to grab a coffee with. There wasn't any easy way to do this, and in building this I found that there's a lot of people that might find it useful: • Founders can use this to find investors already following them and interested in their work. • Individuals can use this to find interesting folks with the same interests as them. • Professionals can use this to find other people at the same convention as them, since people tend to change their names to indicate they're at one. • Companies can use this to find recruiting leads by watching for Profile Updates in our daily feed. It can also filter out people that might already be following the account (so, Square Crypto could search for "Design, Crypto" and get a list of everyone that works in design and likes Crypto from their following. There are a lot more examples here, but hopefully this illustrates some of the stuff you can do. And there's more coming soon too– like ranking your most influential followers or getting a weekly digest of udpates.
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Looks like a really valuable product for fostering relationships. Are there any plans to enrich user profiles with data from LinkedIn? Is it currently just filtering data in a users Twitter bio?
@lachlankirkwood It's just Twitter right now– and I'm thinking Instagram next. LinkedIn might be worthwhile too though, but it's just the one I personally use the least right now.
Ooo..this could be useful. Nicely done @aaronykng! Similar to the thinking @rrhoover has, can this be turned into a CRM later? Perhaps be able to save searches, create lists, add meta data, etc.? I'd be able to keep tabs of all the product folks I want to reach out to when I want to get advice, for example. Being able to DM them directly from the search in Flock could be super handy!
@rrhoover @kunalslab Yeah, this is just the start. At some point saved queries and adding metadata will be all part of Flock. Thanks for the feature ideas!
This product is useful, I can learn who is using my products with ease. I can't wait to see where things go!
@meanjim Thanks Jim!