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I coded the first version of Keep My Friends after getting one too many "I haven't heard from you in months" messages from my friends. Everyone is busy (including me), but I found it very easy with the app reminding me to keep in touch with important people in my life and maintaining Streaks of unbroken contact in the app.

Praveen Singh
Elisa Doucette
Perry Roper
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  • Quentin Lemaire
    Quentin LemaireCommunications Boss, H2G Lab

    Who never have been in this position of hearing the "Haven't heard from you in a while !" from someone you really love ?


    Am I ready to pay for that ? A free trial would help me to answer this question

    I ain't confortable with paying for something I haven't been able to use before. Personally, I'd rather use a free trial than a refund guarantee. But it's my opinion though :)

    Quentin Lemaire has never used this product.
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Diana Furman
Diana Furman@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
My first thought - oh god, they made an app for that:) The idea's really cool, though I think you need to introduce a free trial month, since is psychologically hard to accept the thought that you need "to pay someone to remind you to call mum". When people get to know the benefits of your product, they will be much more willing to keep up with the subscription (rather than cancel it). Ofc that works if they are satisfied:)
Kevin Graham
Kevin GrahamMaker@_kevingraham
@furmannd I actually had a 14 day free trial before, but read somewhere that for a product like mine that the free trial wasn't a great idea so I scrapped it and replaced it with a money back guarantee instead.
Kevin Graham
Kevin GrahamMaker@_kevingraham
@furmannd Update: I've decided to add in a 30 day free trial. Maybe a bit too late to capitalise on the traffic from my Product Hunt launch, but hopefully it entices a few people who were on the fence to give it a try.
Diana Furman
Diana Furman@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@_kevingraham Hope it helps!:)