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Hi! Super interested in this - how does it differ from Followerwonk? Thanks! 💙
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@nikkielizdemere Followerwonk is a great tool! Having said that, when you search for something, it looks for that text in people's Twitter bios and then ranks the results by the number of followers they have. This is the default mode in which Tweeple Search works as well. However, once you switch to our "Influencer search" mode, things get very interesting. We search for your query/keyword in *article content people have shared* rather than in their bio texts. You can even see the list of article URLs they've shared. We don't stop there. We then rank results by the number of shares those articles got. This means those users really have influenced a topic as opposed to merely having specified it in their bio text. You’ve now got yourselves pure influencer material like none other 😎 You’ll agree that many top influencers don’t really specify topics they influence in their bio text. Some powerful influencers have terse or funny bio texts. A system that looks just into bio texts will completely miss these influencers. But, by definition, these influencers share content related to keywords they influence and we track shares/retweets for the articles(by reading their actual text with NLP) they tweet about. We get *these* influencers for you.
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@narenism Thanks for specifying, I love the nuance here.
@nikkielizdemere Brilliant! And feedback welcome!
Hi guys! Co-founder of Tweeple Search here. With Tweeple Search, you can: -Find target audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count -Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns -Compare different Twitter accounts to see what they have in common and how they differ -Find powerful Twitter influencers based on keywords in popular content they share Hope you guys find the tool useful. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Ask me anything!
@narenism Looking forward to trying this - however it will have to wait until I am at my laptop as your site does not seem to be mobile responsive checking the link from my iPhone
@krishnade Being a lean organization aggressively choosing what we want to implement in the first release, we decided it was OK to leave out responsive support. Tweeple Search being a research tool, most of our users would use this in the comfort of their relatively larger laptop and desktop screens. :)
@narenism awesome! Really like this web app and would also love to see it as an iOS app ✌🏼🤓
@narenism looks really simple and easy to use, thanks :)
@tpbtv Please follow us on twitter @tweeplesearch. It is coming soon :)
Great analytics for PR pros. Love the comparison tool, Trump vs Obama almost as intriguing as Perry vs Swift 😂
@daigo_smith Did you try Justin Beiber vs. Eminem? 😜
One word. Brilliant! I've been waiting for a product like this to hit the market, definitive and category specific searching on a somewhat crowded social media platform like Twitter was really needed. Great work Naren.
@josh_odigie Glad you like Tweeple Search! We're adding more in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @tweeplesearch.
*reads comments* ... GET IT
@jurica87 Thanks. Hope you like it! 😊