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UpHabit is a privacy-first Personal CRM app. In a world where ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ pass as communication, we're here to help you build authentic relationships with the people who matter most.
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Love this product and the idea of helping people build deeper, more authentic relationships
@candice_faktor thank you for your kind comment, Candice!
Hi! I'm Neil, and I'm the founder of UpHabit. We created UpHabit to be the Personal CRM of your dreams. We'd love your feedback on what you love about the app and what you think is missing or can be improved. The team here is also conducting interviews on what you're looking for in a Personal CRM. If anyone is interested in having a short conversation, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you.
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@neilwainwright Just tried UpHabit for the first time after fruitless hours searching for a personal CRM -- I really like where the product is headed. I'm familiar with CRM from an Enterprise perspective (my day job) and am needing a much lighter weight CRM like UpHabit without the hassle of deals, projects, tasks, sales targets, etc. that most CRM platform seem to come with out-of-box today. Some gaps I'm looking to close with a personal CRM product beyond what I've been able to discover with UpHabit thus far: 1.) Specify one address book to build relationships off of across multiple, integrated accounts. I use ContactsPlus across Gmail, Outlook, desktop, and mobile devices to synchronize, dedupe, and keep my contacts all up-to-date. When I add both Gmail and Outlook accounts to UpHabit, because the address books are identical in both accounts, UpHabit sees them all as duplicates. I'm looking to either: a.) Specify only one contact source across multiple accounts b.) Allow UpHabit to use an alternate address book source, like ContactsPlus as its source (instead of either Gmail or Outlook) 2.) Enable the option to put Reminders as events on my Gmail or Outlook calendar so they are not only kept in the app. 3.) Like it tracks when I last emailed a contact, the ability to see when I last texted, placed a call, or received a call from a contact. (This helps with the history and the reminder settings) 4.) Zapier integration so events in UpHabit can trigger updates to other apps/services I use.
@erlong thanks taking the time to send your feedback. I'm so glad to hear that you like the product! You're right, this is only the beginning, you're really going to love where it's heading. Big improvements are going to be released in the coming weeks, starting with some awesome UI/UX changes. You can find the answers to where we currently stand on the gaps you're looking to cover below: 1) A lot of people love using UpHabit for contact management. You may have noticed that we currently have some direct integration, but we still have work to do and have plans to expand our integrations pipeline coming up. The team will investigate how we can add Contact Plus for this case. 2) We've discussed this feature but, we haven’t landed on a solution for it yet. The trouble with creating an event for every reminder is that it could clutter your calendar depending on the day and the number of reminders you have set. Another issue we’re thinking about is that reminders don’t have a time associated with them which makes it difficult to create reminders to events. So, this is a feature we are interested in pursuing but, we’d love to hear more about what types of details you’re looking for in a calendar entry as it relates to reminders. If you’re willing to share that would be great! 3) Recent security changes in iOS and Android have restricted access to pull details on texts or calls. We have explored this option but, technically it’s not possible at this time. 4)The team here is also looking into how we can add Zapier integration. This is in our longer term roadmap. Are there any specific apps/services that you use today where zaps would be helpful? If you wouldn’t mind sharing the scenarios where automatic updates are important to you that would be extremely helpful. In the meantime, you can always take a peak at what's coming up in our public Trello board: https://trello.com/b/bneEQCXL/up... Thanks again
@neilwainwright Thanks for the follow-ups! Here's some clarification on the points above, per your request: 2.) For me personally, I don't mind a cluttered calendar so long as the UpHabit calendar events are on a separate calendar in Gmail or Outlook (which enables me to toggle the view of the alerts on/off for just the "UpHabit Calendar" I designate). Google Tasks works in this way in that tasks are viewed as another type of calendar in Gmail, so you see all of your tasks as events overlaid on top of your other calendars so you can optionally toggle viewing of the calendar on/off if it's too overwhelming depending on your view. Regarding event times and/or alerts -- Google Tasks defaults alerts/reminders to 9AM local time for an all-day event with a date but no time specified. For me this is good enough provided there's the ability to toggle on/off reminders/alerts in case it gets overwhelming. 3.) I figured as much here -- on Android, I use an SMS and Phone Log backup app called "SMS Backup Pro" which stores SMS and call logs to a file in Google Drive. With Zapier integration (see more in point #4 below), I would read that log file and insert events into UpHabit. It's a possible way to work around the security restrictions of directly accessing texts or calls logs (at least on Android). 4.) Zapier Integrations I would be interested in: - Could be the way to create/update calendar events in Gmail or Outlook - Creating/updating events that exist in UpHabit to also show in Google Tasks - As mentioned above, updating contact event types (phone/text/email with timestamps) in UpHabit via an event sent form Zapier, for example: -- Last text sent on June 25, 2019 -- Last text received on June 25, 2019 -- Last email sent on June 25, 2019 -- Last email received on June 25, 2019 -- Last SMS sent on June 25, 2019 -- Last SMS received on June 25, 2019 -- Last Phone call placed on June 25, 2019 -- Last Phone call received on June 25, 2019 - Creating a reminder in UpHabit from an event sent by Zapier
@erlong thank you! I've passed this information on to our senior product manager.
I'm definitely in the market for a personal CRM, but that pricepoint is a little tough. I just wish Google would add a comments section to Contacts, then I might not need one...
@joeduncko Thanks for sharing your insight. With UpHabit, your first 30 relationships are free, and we're definitely open to speaking about adjusting our pricing model. A member of my team would love to interview you to learn more about your needs in a Personal CRM and discuss your thoughts on pricing. Would that be ok with you? You can easily message me to set something up, or tweet me at @neildwainwright
@neildwainwright I'd be up for a quick interview if you think it'd help with your product discovery! I've been looking for a personal CRM for a couple years and nothing seems to really click yet. I'll PM you my email.
@joeduncko that's be great. If you're unable to message me for whatever reason, you can also email the team at: support@uphabit.com and I'll set up the interview. Thanks again.

If you are busy and are looking to keep better records about their conversations and connections this app is going to be my recommendation.


This app is easy to use, has a nice interface, and good & smart reminders for you to keep on top of your conversations.


For people who are just trying to have a better contact manager than Google the price is probably too steep.

Thank you for your recommendation and review, Dominik!
Keeping track of multiple relationships — who I’ve talked to, when I talked to them, what we talked about, and (most importantly!) when I need to contact them again — has never been easier. Contact managers are not enough, typical CRMs are too heavy. UpHabit hits the perfect balance of usability and usefulness for me.
@donmorris thank you for the review, Don! We're lucky to have you as a user.