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June 21st, 2020

How to get $$$ for your data
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Have you ever wondered how much money companies make off your data?

What we do online leads to a massive digital footprint. Every search, every click, every location, every purchase – the buying and selling of this data has grown into a $200 billion industry. Most consumers only get a small peek behind the curtain when a major data breach gets announced (side note: you might want to check have i been pwned?).

In response, we’ve seen a ton of privacy-focused startups and tools launch on Product Hunt over the last few years. It’s become so popular that we dedicated an entire category to the topic in last year’s Golden Kitty Awards.

Today, Andrew Yang is announcing a new initiative called the Data Dividend Project.

You might recognize him as the former Democratic Presidential candidate who championed the Freedom Dividend of $1,000 per month for every American. Now he wants us all to join together to create the largest data rights movement in history. He believes your data is your property, and if you choose to share it, you should also share in the value.

It’s a creative and timely idea. Check it out.
If you're curious to dive down a rabbit hole of other privacy products, here you go! 🐇
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