Trivia for Slack

Fun team-building with 1000s of quizzes right inside Slack

A team that plays together, bonds better! With Trivia's suite of interactive quizzes, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace right inside Slack. It is fun, easy to launch and provides a quick 5-minute break to your remote team's workday.
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Hey Product Hunt, we’re excited to be launching Trivia today to you folks! 🤩 First off, thank you @kevin for hunting Trivia for Slack! Quick context: At Springworks (our company), we moved to WFH from mid-March and then announced our remote-first policy on May 6th. We’ve been since optimizing our home offices and our Slack workspace for productivity and testing lots of team-building activities. 👊 We saw lots of traction with Quizzes, but they required fixing up a timeslot, downloading a separate app and conducting the quiz over a Zoom call. 🤨 That’s when we decided to build a Slack app. Introducing Trivia! 🚀 With Trivia's suite of quizzes, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack) even while working remotely. Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch, and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday. And they're real-time, meaning the team comes together to play! That's the point. 😇 MCQs - multiple choice questions with 4 answers each across topics like science, tech, business, movies, entertainment, and even Maths and Grammar. Look out for the GoT, The Office and Harry Potter quizzes as well. 😍 Seamless - play with your team anytime, anywhere right on top of Slack Multiple game types (coming soon) - for variety Leaderboards (coming soon)- track results real-time along with final podium standings showcased at the end. 👍🏻 Check out the video above for a walkthrough of how it works (watch at 2x speed) Try it out. It’s free for the first 10 quizzes and 7 days trial included. 😊 Post that especially for the PH community, we’re doing a 10% off for the first 100 PH users on any of our plans for as long as you wish to use Trivia. Use code: TRIVIAONPH10 🙏🏻 There are lots of features that will be coming in the next versions. Look forward to hearing from you on what features you’d like to see next - we may already have many of them on our roadmap! 🤩 PS: Trivia for MS Teams is coming soon too!
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We’re excited to launch a brand new game type along with some handy features today! 🌟 (Un)Popular Opinions - a brand new game type - a collection of the most debatable opinions to vote for. Do you think pineapples belong on pizzas? Now you and your team can vote for it. Let’s raise the stakes! 🔥 Custom quizzes: For the PRO plan, we have now rolled out the feature to create custom quizzes for a more personalized experience. Next time you celebrate a birthday, you can create a special quiz for that occasion! 🎁 Scheduler: Schedule Trivia quizzes at particular times of the day regularly. You and your team will never miss a quick, fun and relaxing break! 🎉 It’s been an absolute delight to see hundreds of Trivia quizzes being taken everyday and we can’t wait to release what’s next! Try out Trivia right away for free for 7 days and tell us what you’d like to see next!
Trivia has turned around the way we take breaks at Springworks. It's simply just a terrific way to have fun every now and then. It reminds me of the days when my teammates and I would gather around the foosball table after lunch and play a few rounds (very competitive rounds of foosball). It's brought back that old office banter - the way we used to count winning streaks and wait for the next match to just get back our rep. Trivia has brought that excitement, that sense of being together back and it's just going to get better with new game types coming up in the following weeks.
Tried it out for a week. It really helps our remote team come together and play and discuss and get into a fun competitive mode during the busy with this app.
@harshamv Thanks, Harsha. The team is elated to hear this feedback. More power to your remote team 👍🏻
It’s been terrific to see how Trivia has brought our team together every now and then. The quizzes are a treat when you’ve got a pile of work and you need to pump those creative juices. Our team couldn’t be more excited to hear about the new game types coming up.
@namansr Thanks, Naman! Stoked to hear that. And thanks for helping us with loads of feedback. Yes, lots of updates coming to v2 and of course as a beta supporter your team will have first access to those. 😇👊
This is an amazing addition to our Slack workspace. We were doing weekend quizzes in smaller groups outside of work during the lockdown. But this brings together our entire team, including interns and freelancers for some fun together. I hope this grows bigger with more features - especially choosing difficulty levels, leaderboards, image based quizzes etc. Best wishes, Abhash and team.
@_anuragdwivedi Yes, something that works right inside Slack is so much better. Let's see your feature request list: Choosing difficulty levels - coming in v2 leaderboards - coming in v2 image based quizzes - might take longer, v3 for sure Some of the game types you can look forward to - (Un)Popular opinions, Anagrams, This or That? ++ more...