Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 26th, 2017

$0 design tools for startups 🦄🎨
$0 Design Tools
Creating a well-designed site or product usually isn’t cheap. While there’s no substitute for hiring a great designer, there are ways to build something beautiful, without having to cut down on avocados.

We put together a collection of $0 Design Tools to help you create your next project:

🔎 Pexels: Search engine for beautiful free stock photos
🎨 Coolors: Super fast color schemes generator
📝 Milanote: The notes app for creative work
🐱 Color Hunt: Product Hunt for colors
🗂 Makerbook Directory of the best free resources for creatives
🌉 Sans Francisco: A collection of tools and resources for designers

Be sure to also check out these free design tools from Google, Airbnb, and Facebook. 😻
New Mac Essentials: These are the first app to install on any Mac. Notable highlights: Screensaver, Energy, WOW!
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