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Hello hello Product Hunt! Sans Francisco is a little side project of mine, and I'm excited to finally share it with this community. I'm a self-taught designer, which means I have spent a lot of time asking friends which tools to use, which books to read, and how to best learn. It seems there are now hundreds of incredible resources out there to help designers learn and craft delightful experiences, but finding the right resource isn't always easy. Product Hunt collections are a great place to start, but I thought a curated list built just for designers could be useful. Sans Francisco includes three collections right now: tools, library, and jobs. Tools are everything you may use day-to-day, the library includes a long list of books/videos/etc. to help designers learn and grow, and jobs - well jobs help designers get $paid. Looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback! If you have resources you think should be added, please comment below or shoot me a tweet.
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@robinsongreig This is really a useful collection Robinson. Thanks You. And.. the domain name hack ๐Ÿ‘
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@philipsajeesh glad to hear you find it useful! I was very surprised to see that domain name available haha
@robinsongreig Awesome collection, thank you !!!
Thanks man - let me know if there's any resources I've missed!
@robinsongreig Love collections! This a great and easy reminder to proof your personal tool set against others. It sorta helps me recurring from my zombie feelings when i had no structured tool update since three months. I consider PH my unstructured updates. ;)
By far one of the most complete collections of design tools I've ever seen. I love the color of the site.
@criss_cheng refresh the page a few times for a small delighter :)
I've seen first-hand where @robinsongreig came from to where he is now so I can vouch for his resourcefulness. Sans Francisco pretty great in that it's a peek into the part of his mind that brought him this far! Excellent stuff, Rob :). (And thankfully it's only a look into that *one* part of his brain.)
@jayroh so. much. duct tape.
@robinsongreig is one of the first people I look to for smart / fast feedback. Always motivating to work with him and super cool that he's sharing his favorite tools / resources in such a slick package.
@julianweisser ah shucks, thanks dude!
Glad to see Mobile Patterns on the list! We are launching a brand new, complete rehaul to the site very soon.
@itsthisjustin looking forward to it! I'm a fan of the site as is!