Uppy is a sleek modular file uploader for web browsers. Easy uploads to S3 or your app, file previews, progress bar, drag/drop, resumable uploads via tus.io open standard, encoding backends, React/Redux support, metadata, form encapsulation, import from Webcam/Instagram/Google Drive/Dropbox/URLs. 100% open source, backed by a company (Transloadit)

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Hi, Uppy Lead UI Designer and Developer here. We've been working on Uppy for two years now and are excited about what it can do. We think it offers a robust, flexible, polished experience for developers and users alike, but we’re actively improving Uppy and would love your feedback to push it further!
@arturi If I remove the display inline check box the, it behaves weird . I am not sure if that is expected .
@arturi you literally solved my biggest problem, thank you for developing such a great project. Just on little improvement i want to suggest is Dropbox and that's it.
@vishva_thejeshwar thanks for noticing! should be fixed now 👌
@chetanmenaria3 thank you for the feedback! if you mean supporting Dropbox as a provider to pick files, we do support it already :) check out https://uppy.io/examples/dashboard/, might have to check the Dropbox checkbox there.
Writing file upload functionality is always a pain in the arse. I’ll be checking this out today and integrating into SongBox if it’s good.
@mickc79 If it's not, let us know how we can do better, we want offer the best experience out there! :)
Looks Promising, Definitely going to use this for our next project and opensource too!.
@vithalreddy1 awesome, let us know how it goes!
@arturi could this sync with Wordpress? Ideally replace the WP uploaded on the front end whilst using advanced custom fields? Long shot I know!
@jrosendesign it’s actually on our todo list! :)
@arturi @jrosendesign And Gravity forms, Contact forms integration for the best UX ever
Great job !! Will surely try it out , how many apps which this get integrated and what all apps this work with 😊
@ayush_chandra we support any app that works in a browser. Compatible with straight up JavaScript, React, etc. We don’t support super old browsers tho, in those cases we can fall back to regular forms for uploading files. We don’t know all our users, but there are many already. One of them is photobox, Europe’s #1 photo upload/print service. Another user recently shared with us they’ll be using Uppy for transferring thousands of MRI scans at a time. It’s also the recommended way to integrate Transloadit with browsers.
@kvz is there any walk through video for non tech users ,cause I’m not able to understand how it gonna work? 😊
@ayush_chandra we don’t have a walkthrough video but we do have multiple copypastable examples online. This one uses a ready-made bundle, meaning you only have to add some HTML tags to your site: https://uppy.io/examples/i18n/ (also check out the Dashboard example to see more of what Uppy can do) It probably should be mentioned tho that Uppy is most useful for developers that want to add a more powerful & pleasant uploading experience to their website/apps than the wellknown “Choose File(s)” system dialog.