Real Vision

Netflix for Finance: Helping to make you a great investor.

Real Vision is a financial media company. Access the channel online to get in-depth interviews & independent research from the very best minds in finance. Tweets are not trading advice

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My first reaction to this website is that this is a scam. Bad design choices.
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@haroldcummingto very constructive... I could say not having yourself as a profile picture is also suspicious
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@nivo0o0, @haroldcummingto isn't trying to sell you something, so he doesn't need to gain your trust. The website's design is busy and doesn't instill trust. Five star reviews from people who aren't household names doesn't help. I can't figure out why the site exists from the homepage, and that's a problem. The description on Product Hunt does a better job describing why it exists.
@haroldcummingto The website identity is totally uncoordinated with the one of the promotional video clip. The website needs a more professional "look and feel" in my opinion.
@haroldcummingto I'm sorry but I have to somewhat agree. As a busy banker, I got intrigued, went to the site and I didn't get the feeling of trust or understanding created in the first few seconds. It also is very cluttered with quotes which are not helpful really. It felt like an Instagram profile of a guy that got lucky and made a million and now is teaching everyone about how to live life, you know.. that guy... The idea is great and id like you see it grow. Despite you not being a news company, I would feel more comfortable with a design like vox news or bloomberg ... maybe reassess your audience and what they like and where they hang out most?.. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Upvote for ya.
This is basically ZeroHedge TV
What does accredited by global financial and educational institutions mean?