A directory of the best free resources for creatives

Makerbook is a hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.

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I love how Startup Stash has inspired others to also create directories with awesome tools for different types of people. @craigjbarber decided to make one for creatives - super cool to see!
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Thanks for posting @bramk! Makerbook is a hand-picked directory of the very best, free resources for creatives, designers, art directors and makers of digital products. The site features a curated list of over 65 websites where you can easily download free, high quality stock photography, psd mockups, graphics, textures, stock video footage, icons, sound effects, fonts, music and colour swatches. All the types of things you, or your design / marketing teams need to create and market digital products like presentations, websites, apps etc. I put the site together for myself ( a marketing / creative / designer ) and of course for other folks who want to check it out and save themselves some time and money when it comes to getting down to marketing and making your digital products. I'll be adding new resources as I come across them and anyone can also submit them by clicking on the 'submit a resource' button. Check it out, I hope you find Makerbook helps you out with all of your creative needs.
@craigjbarber thanks a lot! This is exactly what I need now ;)
Any possibility of adding resources for physical makers? @craigjbarber
@scorinth Hey Mark, my background is visual creative so I went with what resources I have found for what I do over the years. I have had folks mention 3D also. I think physical makers would be a whole new site. Someone should do it.
@alchorro Great to hear Anne! Enjoy : )
Good start - looks like a great resource to keep an eye on. Was expecting video creation tools in the video section, not just stock video repositories. Also, couldn't add a resource, as it sends to a 404 after launching the embedded Typeform. Tried to add Pixabay - the best darn free-of-attribution stock image resource around.
That's cool, do you guys plan to add a sort of "add resource" feature where any user can add his favorite website/app/whatever ?
@cherifmahiedine yes, I plan to add a 'tools' section where we can feature that stuff. Thanks for your input : )
Awesome! as a self-proclaimed "Resourceful Creative" this is right up my alley.
@mikeeshattuck Glad to hear you like it Mikee! : )