Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 27th, 2017

Wanna go to Europe? 🤔
Enter to Win
We want to send you to Europe, for free! And you get to bring a friend (who will love you for eternity). Enter to win.😻

This free trip to Prague (for two) includes a 5-day stay in a boutique hotel, a luxurious cruise on the Vltava River, a Bohemian Brewery Tour, and more Product Hunt stickers and shirts than you'll know what to do with. See the full-list here.

P.S. You can still win a free trip to Paris🇫🇷 
The other week Bored Elon announced a Seed Fund and challenged you to pitch him your greatest ideas. Out of 5,800 total submissions, congrats to the 3 winners. 👏