Gudak Cam

Disposable film camera in your iPhone

#4 Product of the DayAugust 25, 2017

Do you miss your analog disposable camera? Gudak Cam is the app that brings it back to 21st century. Transform your iPhone into a 24-film-roll camera and feel the thrill of waiting 3 days for print pictures.

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Purely and utterly pointless; flies in the face of reason; distorts the essential purpose of technology--it's absolutely brilliant. Big upvote.
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@rueter that's exactly how i felt too. maybe i should build an app that sends email after 3 days. or a trans-national uber-like service that takes 3 weeks to get you from new york to california.
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@rueter best comment too 😀. Great idea guys I feel this kind of thing is going to fly, what with all the noise out there. This is were things are trending! Upvote.
@rueter I agree with the "distorts the essential purpose of technology." I believe technology should be a mean and not an end, and it can be used to solve actual issues. This right here is a fun side project, but I don't see more. People are using analog cameras more and more these days, and there's a reason for it, besides hype.
It's weird to think that there will be kids downloading this that have never seen or held a disposable camera before 👶
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@marsh931 I’m actually a kid & passionate about analog photography but this app is totally pointless.
So I've been using this app obsessively, as in: I don't really use the iPhone's camera app any more. At the core of it, the idea may seem silly: Take a bunch of photos (24 to be exact), have them pretend to be developed, then see them three days later masked by a bunch of fake light-leaks and film-grain. But in actuality, I find that having a limited amount of photos I can take in a "roll" makes me more selective about the moments I intend to capture, and waiting multiple days to see them means I don't spend time in my Photos app checking to make sure the framing is just right or any of the myriad nitpicks I would normally use as an excuse to go back and take the photos again. I just snap and move on. I understand that Gudak isn't for everyone, but it definitely is for ME, and that's cool.
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Thanks @brendonbigley for referring me to this! Am waiting for my photos to be developed. 😇 In the meantime, here are a few examples (from Brendon's camera roll)
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Next feature: only allow the photos to become available when the phone detects you are geographically at a CVS or other film processing store ;)