Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 16th, 2017

VIP Access to Superhuman (from Rapportive team) 📧⚡️
The team behind Rapportive has been quietly working on a new email app that’s used by the likes of Justin Kan, Naval Ravikant, and Paul Buchheit (who created Gmail).

Superhuman is blazingly fast (there’s a keyboard shortcut for everything) and includes features like undo send (thank goodness!), follow-up reminders (#lifehack), scheduled messages (super useful for event reminders), and read statuses (so you can spy on people 🙊). It also brings full contact profiles into your inbox and uses AI to highlight your most important emails first.

Rapportive kickstarted the Gmail extension ecosystem, and in 2012, was acquired by LinkedIn. The band’s back together now, with the goal to create the best email client of all time. The Product Hunt community is getting a first look, 
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VIP Access to Superhuman
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