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WhatRuns is a free technology lookup tool for developers, designers and salespeople to discover the technologies used on any website.

Available for free on Chrome and Firefox.

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Nice thing, the logo and the sharing icon could be smaller ;) How does it compare to wappalyzer.com?
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@matthiasesterl Hi Matthias! First off, thanks for the UI tips 💯 Wappalyzer and BuiltWith are both good products, but here's why we think we have something different (and maybe better): 1. WhatRuns detects fonts, Wordpress themes, plugins (tens of thousands of them) to even small SaaS apps with very less adoption – those are the real gems! 2. Follow feature – keep track of technology stack and get notified when websites adopt/ditch technologies. 3. Very lightweight compared to our counterparts; and [arguably] better UI 😉 4. Improved accuracy. BuiltWith can be very inaccurate as you might've already noticed. Wappalyzer is fairly accurate, but limited in technologies. WhatRuns is trying to be the best of both worlds. 😁
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@jijosunny Thanks, i totally agree that your extension is a step forward! One more thing, i was just browsing through your privacy policy and it states "No visitor information is ever logged. Period.". How is the detection working then?
@matthiasesterl Good point! It is true that no visitor information is ever logged. We don't collect or log any visitor information including IP address, location etc. We receive anonymous website data and match with our database to display the results. Hope this clarifies.
@jijosunny Thats good to hear. Thank you for presenting you extension, I'll give it a go and replace wappalyzer. 😉
Hi, everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks to @erictwillis for hunting 🚀 us! WhatRuns is a free browser extension that shows you what runs a website – from ad networks and developer tools to fonts and Wordpress plugins. You can also follow websites and get notified when they add or remove technologies. We soft-launched a couple of weeks back and was lucky enough to be picked up by the Chrome team. We were featured on the Chrome Webstore, landing us 12k active users in one week. It was a huge validation and helped us tremendously in squashing bugs and making a finished product. We realise we have a long way to go, and our little team is working round the clock to make it happen. Would love to hear what you think. :) Update: Thanks for the overwhelming response ❤️ We got enough feedbacks to keep us busy for a long time. Special thanks to Matt for sharing us on HackerNews, WR made #1 on HN too. 😍 UPDATE: WhatRuns Leads just went live on PH Upcoming: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Subscribe and get private beta access before the launch 🚀
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@jijosunny This seems like a very useful tool! Question: In terms of permissions granted when installing, are there are any plans to make the plugin work without requiring it to be able to "read and change all the data on the websites you visit"? (or a read-only version?) Or what would you suggest for someone concerned over security that wanted to run the plugin (i.e. perhaps install it under a different chrome profile?)
I have switched from wappalyzer to whatruns recently. Experienced better detection than wappalyzer. The categories and UI is an icing on the cake. Good job @jijosunny
Thank you @shyjal!
I've seen this featured on Google Chrome Webstore frontpage. Been using it ever since. Good job @jijosunny
@anvartk Thanks! And yes, we were lucky enough to be handpicked by Chrome just a few days after our soft-launch 🎉Landed us 12k active users in a week.
Nice approach to go for a browser extension first :) Just tested this on one of my Rails apps - you did catch a few more technologies than wappalyzer.com (Typeform, moment.js, Bootstrap, Cloudfront), however it also listed Erlang, Embed JS and Cowboy which are not being used.
@emilkabisch Thanks Emil! Addressing your issue, it could be because of one of these reasons: 1. Every website is re-crawled every 30 days (we are trying to bring this down to a week), and WR show the same old results until a website is re-crawled. 2. We detect JS frameworks by using code patterns and file/directory names. It could be a mismatch, we’re actively working on this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, please feel free to share the URL in question on our livechat so that we can take a look! :)