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1000+ sales emails and voicemails from top SaaS companies

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Hey PH! πŸ‘‹ Phew. We've spent the last year hard at work, creating this resource for sales teams by compiling a library of 1000+ real sales emails and voicemail transcripts from the very best SaaS companies. We did it partly because we wanted to study how the top SaaS teams do sales outreach, and partly because we wanted inspiration for our own emails! In the end, we collated it in this microsite so you can see the full sales and marketing sequences. We’d love to hear what you think!
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@vinayp10 Thanks! Very useful resource for startup
@vinayp10 It would be really interesting to correlate the attributes of the email with some sort of success metric (e.g. response rate), have you guys given that any thought? e.g. some of the emails seem crazy long, I'd never read a sales email that's over 300 words, I'd love to see how the length correlated with response rates as there must be some Goldilocks spot in the middle.
@vinayp10 @seekwell_io 1000% there would be a correlation. 300 is way too Big
Love this! Would be awesome to be able to filter companies by target market (enterprise, SMB, consumer) and pricepoints.
Great resource for startups. Well organized.
Great idea! I immediately passed it on to my colleagues from the sales team. We're testing different messages to improve our communication and these will help a lot. Thanks for doing that :)
Great product guys. Definitely a relevant resource specifically directed towards SaaS Companies. In your website, the following statement just caught my eye- "Companies that leave voice mail have 160% longer sales cycles". Is that a typo bcos to me it sounds an anti-thesis to your product.