A neural net that rates your logo design on 3 main factors: uniqueness, legibility, and color/contrast

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https://cl.ly/3I0i471R3I1Z - The pickle gets a 99. lol
@bluetidepro pickle rick! but actually photos could throw it off since it's trained on icons.
@bluetidepro it is pretty unique though
And Apple got a 30... This product is flawed
hey guys you might have seen my other project https://www.producthunt.com/post... this is the same neural net that I use to evaluate icons for use in logos. it rates an icon's suitability for logos based on 3 categories: - uniqueness: the neural net compares the icon to all the icons on thenounproject (a bit more than a million), and lets you know if it looks like a generic icon. - legibility: the neural net scores the input image based on how legible it looks. Very complex, illustrative images receive lower scores. Bold shapes with lots of low-frequency variation receive higher scores. - color and contrast: higher scores for use of color as well as image contrast. This one doesn't rely on a neural net but pixel-wise contrast and saturation. I added today's top products to the random list, skipflag scored the highest!
@jak_9994 thanks. I threw up a Graphic Springs logo and got a 100 on uniqueness (it's one of their new ones and not greatly used, so I say this just as an FYI). We're remaking it before we launch but given the results, may not deviate too much.
@jak_9994 I wonder if @peteskomoroch is aware of that!
@jak_9994 @chrismessina This is awesome, good to hear our SkipFlag logo scores well!
Let's see who is hotter :p
This was the AI threat Elon talked about πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ great work!
I'm happy.