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July 25th, 2017

Ultimate Notes App Showdown 📝🥊
Must Have Notes Apps 📝
We all take notes, jot things down, or keep our entire lives in an application. A habit that starts in school at an early age, and continues through university and into the workplace.

Notes technology has advanced a lot with the advent of Evernote. Today, we’ll compare two choice categories: electronic vs. paper.

Paper Technology
🔋 Unlimited battery life
🚫 Not waterproof
✏️ Font usually illegible
🔓 No built-in security
🏠 Hosted on premises

Notes Application
🌐 Syncs across devices
💧 Water resistant
🔎 Searchable
🔐 2 Factor authentication
📦 Hosted on AWS

We're a little biased, but notes apps win. Browse through the most popular Notes App Recommendations (an emoji-named app is #1 yet again). 🐻
A groundbreaking new feature for Chrome just launched! Please start using it, it would mean a lot for the people at Facebook. 🤞
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