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#5 Product of the DayJuly 25, 2017
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Hello, hunters! Logo Maker Shop is a nondesigner-friendly tool with a collection of ready-made templates. The app is for helping people to get practical inspirations so they can tweak and bounce between ideas easily. We thought it could be useful whether you hire a designer or not because it’s hard to articulate your vision for a logo in the first place. If you have any opinion, please do share :)
@sidosw I was waiting for an exclusive offer for product hunters ;)
@sidosw Echoing Adithya — any special offers for PHers who want to give the patterns/multi-resolution features a whirl? :) Also, what are the commercial use restrictions on the fonts, assets, etc.? Since these are logos I see them being used for commercial purposes.
Awesome! We used this for logo variation :)
@yoobato Thanks! It feels really good to hear our product is being helpful!
I just don't understand why it's a mobile app...
@henrikharju Hi, thanks for sharing your thought! Of course, we'd love to build a web app. It is a mobile app because we're app developers frankly. But getting a web version will be on our must-do list when we have more people on our team :)
Mobile app and logo design = hipster. Might as well use AI to design logos in a chat room environment. This has been attempted before...
Are all these symbols and typefaces licensed to be sold as logomarks? Because i see the zebra icon at the website Iconfinder.com and they are pretty clear about what you cannot do with their icons: -------------------- Icons are not logos In many ways icons are like logos. The artwork is simple and elegant, and often has a very clear and easy to understand meaning. But, icons under the Basic license cannot be used for logos. For your logo you need something original. Something no one else is using and that can be trademarked. Otherwise, someone else will suddenly use your “logo” in their presentation or app.