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The Hunter team stroke again! Great product to find companies using specific technologies and their employees' email addresses. Good job ;)
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@nico_lrx Thanks for hunting us Nicolas 😊 With Hunter, we get to crawl millions of pages per day. We thought it would be great to share for free some of the data we come across. With TechLookup you can generate lists based on technologies and download for free thousands of results. Over the next few weeks, we'll add new filters and other features. Any feedback is highly welcomed πŸ‘
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@nico_lrx @antoinefink Wish I don't have to deal with captcha after signing in.
@nico_lrx @mrahmadawais I agree, and it's definitely on the short term roadmap.
Great product as usual, congratulation to the team :)
Nice work Hunter team! Engineering marketing at it's finest πŸ‘Œ How is the marketing automation tech identified? Guessing form action attributes (Mailchimp) then scripts for the rest?
@josh_reyes Thanks Josh! And you're right, it's a perfect case of Engineering marketing πŸ˜‡ Regarding the detection, we use both regular expressions on the HTML and look for initialized variables once the page has loaded. We packaged the detection into a container that is 100% open source. Check it out here: https://github.com/hunter-io/doc...
BOOOM! Seems awesome, congrats guys πŸ™Œ
Congrats on the launch! Neat product πŸ‘