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Dripit.io is marketing performance analytics across customer joruney

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Hi, PH! Thank you for hunting us. At Dripit we have seen the struggle with smart marketing attribution algorithms and not that many solutions providing real insights. So we created a tool which does exactly that - track customer journey and how marketing impacts it. The goal is to answer three questions: - What drives converting traffic; - What generates new customers; - What are the best channels for branding/awareness campaigns. As we map full customer journey across multiple visits/days/visits, we know where in a journey each solution has made an impact. Now we are looking for your feedback! One more thing, we have prepared a special deal for you guys - 25% off of annual plans with code DRIPIT_LIKE_ITS_HOT. Ernest, CEO of Dripit
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We use Dripit at Sellfy to analyze referrals and see what sources/influencers generate creatrs to sign up. They helped us understand what we need to focus on and how to make user onboarding better - recommend!
@marisdagis Thanks, Maris! Pleasure working with you and the team!
Hi, nice looking product. I was wondering what you do that is not achievable in GA with goals + different attribution models. Thanks for any feedback, Josh
@joshsummersblog Hi, Josh! This is typical questions we get! First of all, we track customer journeys across multiple visits and build funnel based on overall progress. Out of the box, GA measures goals on a session basis. You can set UserID but then you still would need goals and custom reports. We track progress in a funnel across multiple visits, days and have API to track across devices and systems (e.g. CRM) About attribution models. Rule based attribution models are flawed and don't tell the story about best acquisition channels and micro-converters. Then there is algorithmic attribution. We actually started out by implementing Shapley value (same statistical model used by Google 360 suite). We found out that users don't trust algorithms they don't understand. So we built tool which shows visually what is happening at what stage. And last but not least, we are focusing on marketing tracking and have growing list of integrations to track costs across journey.
Have been praying for a new attribution solution, nice work! How do you handle LTV calculations for a SaaS model? Webhooks or any plans for a Stripe integration?
@josh_reyes HI, Josh! Good question regarding LTV. We don't calculate it our selves for now. But there are two things on our roadmap. First, integrations with payment gateways to track conversion and provide ROI estimate based on that. Second, we are working on API endpoint which would allow our customers to query past journeys when they have found high LTV users. For SaaS it doesn't happen right away.
@so_on Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for your Stripe integration and jump on a trial then 🙌
Looks interesting. Do you guys have a Trial period?
@alina_karnaukh Yes, we do have a Trial period. Under every plan, there is a link to 30 day trial!