Zoho One is an integrated suite of 35+ apps that helps run your entire business. From sales to accounting, email hosting to project management, Zoho One is available for $1 a day, per employee.

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Imagine if there was a single company that offered all the software needed to run a business. Similar to how cable providers aggregate all their channels and offer them as a single bundle--but for business software. That's Zoho One. Over the last decade or so, Zoho has built over 35 apps, all well-integrated and on the same platform. Now, they're offering all their apps (including mobile apps and some other extras) for a monthly price of $30/employee. Crazy! All applications are fully-featured, enterprise editions, giving you everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more.
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@kwdinc It is incredibly beneficial for users when software is bundled. We do the same at https://mockflow.com with our UX suite and it makes workflow between different apps easier. I was expecting this from Zoho for a long time - 1 suite = 1 subscription
@kwdinc Appreciate the hunt. It took us several years to get here, but we are very excited to be here. Building this operating system took quite some effort. We had to build a directory system underneath that powers Zoho One and change every Zoho app to adhere to this directory system and then build management, provisioning and more on top of it. This is not just a product introduction. It is a concept introduction. A concept where we are saying you can run an entire business on one operating system. This we believe is the future of business software.
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Two Question @rajuv - 1. When will Zoho Doc( Slide, Spreadsheet and Downloadable File management ) strike Msft office. For last decade Zoho keeps letting us down in this segment. I have read an article around a decade back and it wrote about the potential of Zoho docs and tagged it as the biggest challenge to Msft office. Almost a decade has passed and if the article is rewritten, Sadly story will be same. Zoho can use its taskz and scanner app to let user give it a try or may be some different strategies. But before that doc sync, spreadsheet. slide and taskz must be revamped. 2. Team communication is ubiquitous and many companies use it as much as they are in front of their system. A large number of them prefer desktop application rather than the web. New Zoho connect UI is good and its concept is awesome but the lack of desktop application is big let down. Also, Zoho is almost silent on Zoho connect. I see it nowhere in media. I think they should advertise it......Thanks
@mohan_kumar Zoho Connect is a hidden gem! Great for businesses of all sizes.
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@mohan_kumar @joan Thank you for these kind words. Means a lot to us.
@mohan_kumar Thank you for the appreciation. Desktop app and revamped version of iOS and Android apps are on it's way. We are testing it internally. Should be live in couple of weeks. We recently opened out the new version of Zoho Connect. We were hunted here too ;). We also did a press release. Given the number of apps in Zoho, it's hard for a single app to get all the attention. We are coming up with different bundles in Zoho. Connect is part of the Workplace bundle. Within these bundles, the goal is to create visibility for the individual apps. We have a good roadmap for Connect. You will keep hearing about us.
Why Zoho products have so bad icons? Many of them look a decade old.... Crm, sites, Servicedesk plus....... Even many of the updated icons are still being used in their website.
@mohan_kumar That's right I always wondered, infact their other product manageengine.com is well designed
@mohan_kumar I cringe every time I see them
@mohan_kumar Yeah… the whole design has felt wicked old the few times over the years I've thought about moving us into Zoho. And that matters.
@cozysd Surprisingly zoho new UI standard is awesome. Just check New Zoho Project UI. It's just awesome. But icon...
@cozysd Zoho have awesome products wrapped inside the poor icons.
really surprised this didn't get more traction than 550 upvotes in a week. This suite is wicked killer scary good for the price. It's such a no-brainer for so many small businesses, I'm looking for an affiliate program. WOW.
i use zoho mail daily its great!! thanks guys!