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January 21st, 2019

Look Mom! No code!

What if you could code without coding at all?

This is the idea behind STUDIO, a new design tool that launched on Product Hunt yesterday. According to maker Yutaka Ishii, the inspiration for STUDIO comes from wanting to shake up the fragmented design process. The tool lets designers skip developer hand-off, subsequent feedback loops and hours of coding, and instead focus on the best part of web design: designing.

How it works: STUDIO lets you instantly render designs into fully responsive webpages. And it differs from design tools like Figma and Sketch in that you can actually publish your website design without translating it into code.

Some reactions from the community:

“Very interesting product, web design will be changed” — Asia

“I’ve been using the beta for a few months now and it gives you all the controls you need to make your site very customizable while getting pages published FAST” - Caleb

“It can significantly reduce the cost of thinking, designing, and spreading to the world. It is now an indispensable tool for me” - Takahiro

The most requested feature from the community? A CMS. But The STUDIO team confirmed that they're planning to release a visual CMS later this year.

We're seeing an uptick in the amount of projects launching that are *code free.* Which makes us happy — it's never been easier to be a maker and put something out into the world. Some of our recent favorites:

Checkout Page is a code-free way to sell anything with Stripe 💸

Appcues lets you build onboarding flow from start to finish without code 👍

Carrd lets you build simple, one-page sites for pretty much anything 🖥

Webflow is a website builder made for designers 🚀

Airtable is a coding platform for non-techies 😍

Zapier can connect and automate over 500 web apps 👏


This is a cool tool if you're a Reddit power user. 🙌🙌🙌


It will let you automate keywords in real-time. 🔎⏰

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