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Thanks for the hunt, @nikkielizdemere! Jonathan here, founder & CEO of Appcues. I'm super proud of this new version of the product. We originally built Appcues with the modest goal of trying to make all software easier to understand and use. Simple, right? So we worked closely with teams from Canva, ProdPad, Indiegogo and Amplitude and learned that magic happens when everyone on the team, not just developers, contributes to product improvements. When we first launched, Appcues let you do just one thing: add modals to your website in a code-free fashion. Over the years, we added new patterns and functionality taking it way beyond that. Today marks a big step forward toward the mission of letting you create the experience your users deserve, regardless of whether or not you know how to code. There's a ton of new stuff in there that I could blab on about, but if you're like me, you'll just want to get in and play with it :) Appreciate y'all checking it out. I'm here to answer any questions.
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@hijonathan @nikkielizdemere Nice work folks! You're definitely helping to carve out this category and help all product build more contextual UX, so I appreciate that. One of the hard things that we've seen at Chameleon is helping customers build EFFECTIVE tours that are not annoying to end users.. we've introduced a few things (like conversion tracking and design-reviews) but wondering how you solve for this?
@_pulkitagrawal great question, and definitely something we were worried about early on as well. The breakthrough moment for us was deciding that we weren’t going to be an analytics company. There are plenty of great companies who geek out hard about analytics, and we decided our passion really lies in creating great user experiences. We labor to create non-annoying UI patterns, customization options, really good user segmentation and timing controls. We also author the Appcues Onboarding Academy, our blog and use case documentation to help make "effective" the default for our customers. We now offer basic analytics as part of Appcues 2.0. For deeper attribution, we have integrations with over a dozen analytics vendors, many of whom are Appcues friends and customers. Definitely no one right answer, but we believe great UX is at the heart of the solution. Hope that’s helpful!
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@hijonathan @nikkielizdemere Good work Appcues team. At MailUp we've been using Appcues from when they were a really tiny startup. All good things to say. Next on the roadmap better tools for NPS measurement, right? :-) Keep up the good work!
Very nice, but very expensive. Too bad you don't have a suitable plan for bootstrapped startups.
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@mckean Used v1, it's brilliant but just impossible to afford for those of us without big financial backing. I'd really like to see a more affordable plan.
@mckean Have you seen pendo.io? This is peanuts in comparison.
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@mikeschroll Agreed. Appcues provided the best value per dollar when I looked at competitors. Edit: I should add, value is subjective and it comes down to what's most important.
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@mikeschroll just had a quick look... Seems nice, but when the price tag is "request a demo" I doubt it will be more affordable.
@mckean Correct. I think pendo's buy-in starts at $8k/yr minimum. (Disclaimer: I have buddies who work for Appcues & Pendo)
We are using Appcues at Salesmachine! Love this product, with Appcues we really increased our onboarding completion. Happy to see 2.0 version 🚀 Nice hunt @nikkielizdemere 😉
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@tombenattar ❤️ love to hear it. We gotta get you guys on a case study with us soon and share the good word with more folks.
"Today we’re proud to launch Appcues 2.0, the complete platform for better user onboarding. If you’re looking to teach new users your software and existing users your new features without building all those modals and tooltips yourself, Appcues 2.0 can help. Over the past year, we’ve learned a boatload about how our customers onboard and communicate with their users. They’re doing amazing things with Appcues: - Delivering users from sign up to their ‘aha!’ moments with slick experiences - Personalizing messages with action-based targeting that pull users into the fold - Using analytics to optimize their flows We wanted to make these easy for every one of our customers to help them be just as successful. So, we did. We’ve focused all our energy on helping you build and optimize the right onboarding and activation experience as easily as possible."
Sweet! This version looks very promising. Another Boston startup crushing it! Here is the announcement blog post: https://www.appcues.com/blog/ann...
@kunalslab thanks for sharing 😀 the link. also here's a list of things you can do with Appcues 2.0: https://www.appcues.com/blog/app...