Checkout Page is a beautifully simple, unopinionated way to sell anything online with Stripe. All without writing code.

Use it to sell your courses, ebooks, physical products, advertisement spots or to get your invoices paid, or anything else you come up with.

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I’m finally back here after one and a half year with my first solo product: Checkout Page! Checkout Page lets you really easily create one page sites where people can pay you on. The use cases are endless, but think of selling courses, ebooks, physical products, advertisement spots or getting invoices paid. See an example page here: The initial inspiration to build Checkout Page came from @misterparker, who was looking for a way to quickly spin up a site to get a customer to pay him on. Checkout Page is for the people who want to start selling within in a few minutes, who don’t want to move their whole billing setup and who don’t want to be locked into a payment service. Checkout Page connects to your Stripe account using Stripe Connect. All transactions will be visible in your Stripe dashboard and it creates Stripe customers for those transactions too. This means your sales are instantly combined with the other activity in your account and can be used with standard Stripe features and Stripe integrations like BareMetrics, CashNotify and ChartMogul. I aim to make Checkout Page an unopinionated way to sell online. On the roadmap are things like Zapier integration, dynamic pricing, webhooks and dynamic return URL parameters. Special thanks to all my internet friends in and for all ideas, feedback and support along the way. It took me a long time to launch this and it might not have happened at all without you <3. PS: I wanted to add lots of emojis to this post but somehow mac os won't boot the emoji keyboard and who's got time to restart their machine :)

I absolutely love the simplicity of Checkout Page! Also it really gets the job done. I use it for sales of products and upfront payments of freelance work.

Keep up the good work!


It just does what it says. No coding skills required. Super easy setup


Doesn't support subscriptions yet

I'm surprised Stripe doesn't offer something this like this already. We ended up building our own checkout flow but may have used this to save a few hours.
@rrhoover I am as well, and slightly panicked when they launched Stripe Billing last month. It turned out that the use case is different, but that doesn't mean they aren't heading towards offering something like this. Speeding up development time is indeed one of the use cases for Checkout Page!
@rrhoover you would not use this because % are too high Monthly fee could be ok, but % fee per charge ?!?!?!?!? @fishsander I suggest you guys reconsider that pricing and bring Subscription checkout page with ability to embed and style. For example without % pricing could be reasonable like this: Basic $10 per month per page Business $15 per month per page with white label and embed abilities
@rrhoover @fishsander @vladkorobov I totally agree with Vlad. Charging $10 a month once the first payment is made. Also, Celery uses a flat 2% fee, which feels more appealing for small revenues
@vladkorobov @hypervillain Thanks both for feedback on the pricing. It's definitely a work in progress, as there are many use cases, with different needs, that I haven't though of. The Flexible plan is really a way for people to try the product, hence the limited features. The high fee is there to make sure I don't spend hours supporting people that won't use the product and to stimulate customers to use one of the monthly plans, because recurring revenue makes a business more sustainable. As an independent maker I, and many others, simply have to charge. There is no VC money or angel investor behind me. Every hour I put in to my products are my own investments and if I don't charge my customers, I won't be able to support my self and work on those products. Hope you understand.
@fishsander I understand your situation but you can not charge people more than stripe does which is 2.7% from the transaction. Taking any % from the transaction for readymade checkout page which could cost 40-80 hours of work is ridiculous. Charge more fixed money per month, charge per Page instead fo including 25 or 10 pages. May be I don't understand something but usually it is 1 checkout page per product/project. And companies fight to give better % of merchant fees 2.7% or 2.9% – big difference even for small transactions. I am sorry but checkout page is not a merchant, stripe has something people can work with and could make it better any time. Form providers also integrate payments (sometimes with no additional cost). But I like your idea and overall simplicity, and I would pay some fixed amount of money per month to avoid coding that from scratch. Or may be people going to use that and pay % of transactions if you really convince them, in that case just make awesome marketing and UX/UI design. Sorry, man. I just was so 🤩 excited about the product and I know subscription checkout pages and forms to manage that is real pain and was so 😟upset about pricing structure.
Congratulations @fishsander! Keep shipping! What is the advantage to this over something along the lines of trycelery or gumroad dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks Dre! I've spoken to multiple business owners who dislike the lock-in of platforms like Gumroad. Once you start selling with them, it's hard to move your business elsewhere when your needs change. With Checkout Page, because of it's simplicity and close integration with Stripe, you can easily move to a different platform or build your own when you're ready. I believe there are lots of use cases out there that are not big enough to have a designated solution, but can use Checkout Page because of its flexibility. As said in my earlier comment, the features on the roadmap are all aimed to improve this flexibility.
Congrats Sander! Thats a compact solution for checkout process. Couple quick questions, Analytics supported/planned? How about purchase information back to the website? Probably you can mention about security as user enters card details. Love the simple design & pricing strategy looks perfect.
@sravang Thank you Sravan :) Currently I don't plan to do any analytics besides basic viewing of payments. Because it integrates with Stripe, you can use any of the analytics services that work with Stripe (ChartMogul, BareMetrics, CashNotify). Checkout Page supports a Redirect URL that redirects the customer to that URL after successful payment. One of the features I want to add is the option to add params when linking to the checkout, which will be then be appended to the Redirect URL. This can be helpful to identify customers (user ID) or what they have paid for (amount, IDs of products). The card details are safely submitted using Stripe Elements ( I don't store any details related to the credit card. Thanks for the compliments!