Notifier for Reddit

Automated keyword monitoring for Reddit

Notifier for Reddit monitors Reddit in real time and notified you instantly when keywords you care about are mentioned on Reddit! Users are using it for Brand Management, Marketing their Products, Finding Sales/Deals, Responding to customer complaints and much more!

Mad Mat
Eliška Vojtěchovská
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    I like this app a lot for keeping tabs on topocs I'm interested in.


    I'm not aware of a similar alternative for Reddit posts.

    I use this app to get alerts the same way that I use Google Alerts.

    mnutsch has used this product for one month.
So cool! Can't wait to check it out
Pretty great function, and simple to set up. Looks like a winner
Great idea. Is there any list of what matching keywords can be used in the search string? Or is just the AND and OR?
$10 per month seems a bit pricey for this service. Consider raising the free searched amount to five, and also maybe an annual plan with a reduced monthly cost.
@grberk Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely be considering that.
I set up a free ifttt recipe that send me reditt notifications from my keywords. What's the advantage of your service?
@sarabcole So, great Question! IFTTT last time I checked does not give you the following: -ability to include or exclude from certain subreddits. -case insensitive matching -Boolean matching within your search string Also IFTTT is definitely not real time like NfR. NfR will send you an email within 30-60 seconds of the object occurring on Reddit currently. IFTTT definitely has quite the lag between notifying you and object creation on Reddit (at least when I last tried it). If you're trying to DRIVE the conversation you do not have time to wait hours to respond to a comment/post on Reddit.