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March 8th, 2023


Spotify’s seen many updates and iterations through the years, but yesterday they unveiled their biggest evolution yet. What do you think of the app’s pivot to include more imagery and vertical video? Let’s talk about it.

New services for startup founders

The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) was launched as an MVP cap table management tool in 2015, and has since tracked over 40,000 startup cap tables.

“As repeat founders, we lacked the tools to feel fully in control of our cap table and to use it as a strategic tool for company building,” remembers maker Tihomir Bajic. “We wanted to solve typical problems founders face at different stages of their company journey. Cap table management was a clear place to start.”

Built for founders, by founders: Nearly a decade on from the idea to build a new national securities exchange, the LTSE team has logged serious time advising startups and publicly-listed companies on how to align the ways they run their companies with their mission for the benefit of all stakeholders — aka, “what lawyers like to call corporate governance,” says Bajic.

Today, they’re launching LTSE Equity to share these learnings with their customers.

Consulting on core company-building activities: For startups that have raised a priced round (Series A+ funded), LTSE can advise on everything from fundraising strategy and equity-based compensation planning to helping founders set up mission-protective by-laws and frameworks for reporting.

A more comprehensive cap table management platform: LTSE Equity can also help startups with 409A valuations and tax-related reporting, on-platform security issuance for investors, and on-platform issuing and exercising of stock options for employees.

Get ready to raise
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We messed up with yesterday’s subject line. It wasn’t funny, and we know that it (understandably) frustrated and upset some of you. Sorry. 😔 Thanks for letting us know we missed the mark with that one. We’ve heard you, and it won’t happen again.

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