Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 27th, 2016

Epic founder stories, from Snapchat to Spanx 💰
Founder Stories
You won't become a founder by reading a book, but you can learn from other people’s challenges, successes, and journey starting up.

This collection of Founder Stories has some interesting resources to learn from as you navigate through your own journey in startups.

Notable highlights:
• The Careers of the Founders (a timeline)
• The Speed of a Unicorn (not miles per hour)
• From Millions to Billions (see image above)
• This is for the Crazy Ones (also for sane ones)

Lastly, learn how developers are writing their own paychecks. 🤑
We created a Product Hunt for Google Home integration! Say, "Hey Google, talk to Product Hunt" (or just "Product Hunt") to get the day's top hunts dictated. 🏠😽