Handbrake 1.0

The open source video transcoder 13 years in the making

#4 Product of the WeekDecember 27, 2016
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I heard it uses a "middle out" compression algorithm.
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@mhelbig1 what does that mean?
@chrismessina it's from Pied Piper in the show Silicon Valley. It's a nonsense term.
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@chrismessina This is pretty much all you need to know about middle out-compression:
@gloom303 up and to the right. Love it. 📈
Even though my laptop and Mac Mini no longer have CD/DVD drives in them, I'm still happy to see this program getting developed as I discovered several old DVDs that I've been meaning to rip over the holidays! Nice to see this old classic taken over the finish line from beta to its 1.0.0 release! The lengthy release notes have all the gory/glorious details!
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@chrismessina you can use it to reconvert your videos to x265... It's one of the most stable softwares and do a pretty good job (this can save you a lot of disk space)
I've been using Handbreak for the past 2 years to compress big ass QuickTime screen recordings into something regular. Works like a charm. 💫
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Even though Handbrake was conceived in the world of DVDs, it's been my go-to for compressing video for the web—imagine Squash 2 for video. My process: video pops out of media encoder, gets handbraked (by checking the web optimize box and pressing start), and is pushed onto Wistia.
I couldn't recommend you more to use Handbrake to compress video files to be hosted on your web server ; it's a huge time/space saver! :D