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Indie Hackers is a place where the founders of profitable businesses and side projects can share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples. Browse over 200 interviews with founders who've revealed their revenue stats and behind-the-scenes strategies.

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Hey, creator of Indie Hackers here! I've got lots of ideas for the site, and lots more interviews to add, so I'm going to be working on it full-time 😻 Feel free to ask me any questions here or on Twitter (@csallen)!
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@csallen a great source of inspiration, thank you!
@csallen Great stuff and Best luck.
@csallen Looks awesome. Did you create the site custom or use a framework?
@joshdance The design is custom, the JS framework is Ember
@csallen Indie Hackers is a real valuable resource for entrepreneurs
This is pretty cool! Would love to see this in more areas - app developers, bot makers, etc Love how on some of the profiles I can see a h/t to Product Hunt :)
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This is really cool. I actually saw it the other day when @levelsio shared his story. I really hope you maintain the transparency and curated element of the site as it makes for incredibly high quality content and a great read.
This is awesome!!! It's basically like getting a free coffee date with other successful developers who share their ups and downs - value info for any freelancer!
Love this! I'll be submitting a few of my projects very soon! :)
@shoeboxdnb Great, excited to hear from you!