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Waldemar Juschin
@wjuschin · Founder - 5AM Provisions, Inc.
I'm super excited about this! My startup is producing amaranth oil (an innovative vegetable oil). We are definitely loosing customers because our shipping costs are so high (USPS flat rate). Like many other ecommerce startups or small businesses, providing free shipping or low shipping costs would make a HUGE difference! Are you kidding me? Smarter routes, f… See more
Ben Halpern
@bendhalpern · CTO of argohq.com and creator of dev.to
Priming for driverless after the http://ot.to/ acquisition
Steven Rueter
@rueter · Developer
Are location services always required? 🙊
Tarun Gangwani
@tarungangwani · Co-founder, Product, grokstream.com
What are some other companies in the freight/freight-forwarding space that excite you these days?
Pranav Reddy
@ipranav · Duke University
Funny I read this a few days ago. http://www.businessinsider.com/a...