Command-Tab Plus

Keyboard-centric application switcher for your Mac ⌘

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@gerasim_sergey · CEO Note-Ify Apps, www.noteifyapp.com
Hi again, I see the statistics interesting thing, it turns out, not everyone knows how to install the application from the website, tomorrow I will take extensive video and now you can look at my other app https://youtu.be/5hkvfyqMh3k
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Mubashar Iqbal
@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
As a web developer, I'm tabbing between windows all day long. Ran the trial for about 30 minutes, before paying for a license. Great job!
@gerasim_sergey · CEO Note-Ify Apps, www.noteifyapp.com
Hello from Ukraine, I wanted to show You my new app - Command-Tab Plus for macOS. It helps you to get rid of the chaos that happens when there are too many apps running at the same time. Please tell me your opinion about the idea. The app has many options but the most important for me here is "Command-tab Plus hides the icons of all inactive (hidden) apps"… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
CMD+TAB is my favorite shortcut, right behind CMD+C & V. This might take some getting use to but could be a nice productivity-booster for those switching between apps frequently.
Miles Matthias
@miles_matthias · CTO @EquityEats
I'd pay a lot for this if it solved my main issue with the built in CMD-Tab menu: I have multiple Chrome personas always running, each in their own mac space, but CMD-Tab only shows "Chrome", not "Chrome - Work", "Chrome - Personal", etc. The ability to switch between *specific* spaces, not just apps, would be killer.
Marcel Panse
@marcelpanse · CTO & cofounder at Instant
I use Hyperswitch for OSX, which is free. How do they compare?