Command-Tab Plus

Keyboard-centric application switcher for your Mac ⌘

#5 Product of the DayDecember 27, 2016

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As a web developer, I'm tabbing between windows all day long. Ran the trial for about 30 minutes, before paying for a license. Great job!
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@mubashariqbal Thank you, I do not understand about the trial, when launched, the application reports the number of days remaining and then you can work
@mubashariqbal I must try this now!
@gerasim_sergey Nothing wrong with the trial, I just mean't after using it for 30 minutes, I wanted to give you my money! I knew I would want to keep it after the trial. 👍 💪
@mubashariqbal look at the website, I posted your comment there Thank You
@mubashariqbal I'm really really looking forward to tips and requests from users, because they want to make the app perfect.
Hello from Ukraine, I wanted to show You my new app - Command-Tab Plus for macOS. It helps you to get rid of the chaos that happens when there are too many apps running at the same time. Please tell me your opinion about the idea. The app has many options but the most important for me here is "Command-tab Plus hides the icons of all inactive (hidden) apps" If someone wants to support the development of a product that you can use the code PRODUCTHUNT35
@gerasim_sergey hi man. Typo in appearance (applictaion). Also any plans to support multiple windows of same app ? Like CMD+~ ?
@digitalbase Yes I plan to implement it, I'm just looking for how to do it easily and conveniently (organically), I'd like this feature and many users asked for it. I just have not yet invented as it is beautiful to implement, only came up with a new app... May be just to implement the switch between windows when pressing cmd-` What do you think?
@gerasim_sergey Серега, супер!
@igor_march привет, спасибо большое, куда ты еще писал? мне пришло уведомление но нет ни в твиттерре ни в скайпе
@digitalbase I added the ability to switch between Windows, this functionality is available in beta
CMD+TAB is my favorite shortcut, right behind CMD+C & V. This might take some getting use to but could be a nice productivity-booster for those switching between apps frequently.
@rrhoover cmd+shift+spacebar MUST be the top shortcut... otherwise, did you even emoji? 🤔
@bentossell @rrhoover yeah, I don't specifically but to turn this feature off which is so annoying
@rrhoover my favorite is shift+alt+cmd+v (paste without formatting)
I'd pay a lot for this if it solved my main issue with the built in CMD-Tab menu: I have multiple Chrome personas always running, each in their own mac space, but CMD-Tab only shows "Chrome", not "Chrome - Work", "Chrome - Personal", etc. The ability to switch between *specific* spaces, not just apps, would be killer.
@miles_matthias I added it to the todo list, but it is more of a management and switching between Windows, let's make contact via mail, this is the following something I planned to work (management and switching between windows)
@miles_matthias >>> The ability to switch between *specific* spaces, not just apps, would be killer. By the way, pay attention on the option "each workspace have a separate list of applications"
@miles_matthias Are you sure that you should buy right now? I think you should first try and decide whether you need the app I think everyone needs to try any app or product before you buy, or wait for the sale, it is fair to customers and developers
I use Hyperswitch for OSX, which is free. How do they compare?
@marcelpanse Hyperswitch - window switcher, command-tab plus is an application switcher, not all (like me) are switching between windows. command-tab plus replaces the cmd-tab hotkey, but has some differences
@marcelpanse for example shows only not hidden applications and applications with only one work space... Really try on each monitor or desktop You have your list of apps... Separated Workspaces ;-)