Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 19th, 2016

Facebook enters the hottest social space 🔥
🔴 Live-Chilling
The demand for "group FaceTime" is strong, as evidenced by a flood of new social video apps entering the market. Of course, Facebook is paying attention. Yesterday, Messenger launched Group Video Chats, a highly requested feature in this newly competitive space.

Houseparty is red hot around college campuses, more than 1 million people downloaded Fam in less than a month, Sean Parker’s making moves with Airtime, Sequoia’s placing a bet on Tribe, and everyone’s wondering what Evan Spiegel will do following Snapchat’s introduction of Group Messaging. With VR on the horizon, what will be the ultimate form-factor for virtually chilling with friends? 🤔

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ABC: Always Be Coding. A collection of helpful apps and resources for learning to code, by Mike Coutermarsh. 💻🙇
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