Micro Animations

Ready-made animated gifs you can use in your prototypes

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Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Here's a demo GIF of the demo GIF: https://cl.ly/0h2o303J3Y3N/Scree...
Ali R. Tariq
@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
This is one of those products that will make you wonder why it hadn't already existed. Anyone familiar with prototyping tools that use static screens like InVision and Marvel will know that one of their weaknesses is in not being able to present micro-interactions on interfaces. The recommended method to do so has been by importing animated gifs. But it's a… See more
I bet Dan Saffer (@odannyboy), author of Microinteractions, would dig this!
Anthony Da Mota
@akdm_ · I upvote things that matters.
"Light/Medium/Dark" themes. That's a wonderful idea. That is going to help me a lot, I hope to see more animations in the future. :) Keep it up! CMD+D'd.
Ha Duong
@haduong_ · Associate at Techstars Barclays '16
Beautiful product designed and created by my friend Sanne who realized that prototyping/building mockups is still too difficult for many people. Thanks to all of you for the support :) Please let us know your thoughts & feedback!