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The most requested feature comes to Messenger! Video Chats I (like many others) got the updated Messenger app last week and now this is the second of their holiday releases - first being New Messenger Camera Houseparty was the popular app recently launched in this space previously...Now FaceTime really is baked into a social network, the most popular one at that...
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@bentossell Is it really the most requested feature? 🤔
@dandigangi well it's Facebook's words not mine... "As we close the year, we’re thrilled to launch the most requested Messenger feature ever – the ability to video chat in groups. "
@bentossell This is so great in so many ways. Personally, for the technology we make, it's huge. Now we just need to bring them user segmentation/background replacement :-) We started with 3D cameras. Then with Machine Learning, we're moving to 2D cameras. Next up: segmentation on mobile phones. Bringing awesome video chat to the biggest social messaging platform is a massive step in the right direction, for anyone in this space - both makers and users.
@bentossell You didn't quote their statement exactly… you said "Video Chats" whereas they said "video chat in groups".
Curious to hear your thoughts on this, @benrbn (from Houseparty).
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@rrhoover Hmmm. To me this is less Houseparty and more Hangouts 2.0. The thing that makes Houseparty interesting is its serendipity. You don't plan…you just launch. Video Chats requires an explicit addition of people, which totally separates it from the HP camp.
@mg @rrhoover Exactly, plus different audiences. Facebook is for older people now. And sorry, since I am in the older set, we don't do all this stuff. In fact, the only ones I will see using this are the so called social media experts . I guarantee you by tomorrow there will be post asking it to be able to be live streamed so they can do interviews with people no one ever heard of, so they can sell the "how to" of the self-explanatory.
@mg EXACTLY! That clearly separates the two products. I use Houseparty so much because seeing my close friends pop up makes me want to open the app.
@sziastephen @mg Seems like a distinction that product people will be more aware of than mass market users. That's the question: will people make the nuanced distinction between one group facetime model and another? If not, Facebook (and eventually Apple and Whatsapp if they ever offer it) have network effect advantages that are hard for any app to overcome without offering tremendous new value.
Aaaaaaaaand... Zuck strikes again: Messenger just killed a bunch of apps.
I think it was a no brainer that FB added it to Messenger and I'm sure @davidmarcus had it on their roadmap long before Houseparty released. It's a testament to @benrbn and the Houseparty team that they are crazy visionary and faster in execution than FB!
Snapchat Group Video Chat functionality coming in 3...2...1..