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Prynt is insanely cool, the animation that represents the real photo printing through the device is brilliant.
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This looks super cool. Prynt allows you to print photos instantly and bring them back to life with augmented reality. (like 👀 in 👀 Harry 👀 Potter) @perrotcl how does this work? 😮
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Thanks @nivo0o0 for hunting us! Really excited to be here and showcase our product and brand NEW app. Hey guys! Prynt is a two parts product that reinvents the Instant Photography experience. - We started by designing a case for smartphone that would print photos instantly. It’s called the Prynt Case, and it uses an ink-free technology to turn your phone into an Instant Camera. - The second part that we’ve been working on for a while and that we are introducing here, is that each one of our printed photo is actually a real “Harry Potter” photos ( like @nivo0o0 mentioned). We are using Augmented Reality to create photos that come back to life, allowing an immersive experience for your most cherished moments. My Co-founder @zigzhang and I have always been impressed by the popularity and the inherent charm of instant photography. But looking at the possibilities of digital photography we wanted to go further than just printing photos; we wanted to combine both photography types to create an even more immersive experience. Our nostalgia of instant cameras inspired the design of the Prynt Case. It’s been a great first step for us, with a $1.6M Kickstarter campaign beginning of 2015, a successful launch and the ramp-up in retail, building partnerships with Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, Target, Bloomingdales or Fnac and John Lewis in Europe. We then decided to go a step further by developing an app that allows users to relive their memories in a meaningful way, we created AR photos. So this is how it works: when you take a photo with our app, you also record a short video clip, capturing the entire moment (think Apple Live Photos). We then store these videos to our cloud, so that anyone, by just holding their phone over the physical photo, can see it coming back to life through Augmented Reality. It's a truly magical experience that allows you to relive your memories in a meaningful way. Watching our users create unique and beautiful content with Prynt, encouraged us to get our app to the next level. That’s why we decided to do a complete redesign with an improved user flow, sleeker design and new features. Our team has been working hard on it for several months and it is now ready to be released worlwide. Check out our app and give us feedback! In case you were wondering, even without the Prynt Case you can do a lot of things with it (including sending free magical postcards, which is perfect for Christmas cards). Cheers, Clement and the Prynt team PS: If you want to see a complete demo, our dear friend Lewis did a great unboxing video (2.9M views!!!)
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@perrotcl Your landing page from productHunt is missing a link to the real product.
The product is awesome! I love the redesign and the new features are really cool. I highly recommend. Congratulations to the team!
This looks like alot of fun. Are you currently available only in John Lewis in Europe?
@anthony_stylianou Thanks a lot! In the UK we are available in Harrods, Urban Outfitters UK, Selfridges, John Lewis and Amazon. In France we are in Fnac and Amazon!
This is awesome! There is something genuine about Polaroid pictures.