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Streak has been building the best CRM in Gmail for a few years now (we actually use it for all our dealflow at Initialized Capital) - and they're finally launching first class Contacts support. Most CRM's do contacts terribly, Streak lets you create Contacts straight from emails, automatically enrich them with useful info (like title, company, phone number, etc), and search from them straight from the app you're already using - Gmail. The team showed me some of the stuff they have in the works and this is definitely the tip of the iceberg, they're working on bringing tons of data in automatically into the CRM and this contacts feature was their first step to making that happen. Streak team is on a roll removing more and more manual work....
Thanks for posting @garrytan! We love the PH community, in our last hunt we got tons of feedback on Streak and looking for more of the same. The Contacts feature in Streak actually started rolling out a few weeks ago but its now available for everyone. A little backstory on the feature: Users have been telling us for a while that contacts are really important to them. At first we thought it was just because contact info needed to be organized. But really, when we dug into it, the big user need was a way to connect different deals, opportunities or boxes (in Streak parlance) together. The relationship between these deals always centered around a person or company. So we made Contacts (and organizations) act as a pivot point so you can navigate from a sales deal to all the support tickets filed by the same person. As @garrytan mentioned - this feature really sets us up for the future. We're trying to remove as much manual work from your day to day and adding individual emails to each one of your deals kind of sucks. You'll soon be able to check a box on a contact and we'll pull every email, calendar event, google doc, phone call from that person into your deal - it will work across your entire team. Finally, we also decided to redesign the main box view in Streak - its way more customizable, it puts the history of the box front and center and its just much more pleasing to the eye :) Just like last time, we're super interested in getting feedback from the PH community! Thanks! aleem p.s. some recent blog post for more info on the new contacts and organization features: http://blog.streak.com/2016/11/g... and http://blog.streak.com/2016/12/s...
hey @aloo, i'm going to give this a try today. one quick question. how do i move a contact from Leads to Contacted and then further along in the sales cycle? thanks
Cool stuff. Where do the contacts live and can you access them / export them outside of Streak if needed?
@adawoodi great question - we store all the contact info but we're trying to get rid of the need for you to ever manage a contact list. Our hope is that we can always surface the right contact when you need it and make search really powerful. As for using contacts outside of Streak, again we hope we can cover most use cases, but we are planning an integration with @Zapier as well so you can connect to other systems. Did you have a particular use in mind?
@aloo I want to use those contacts with and without Streak. Meaning I don't want to create a contact in Streak, realize it doesn't exist when I log into Gmail without Streak. If I ever leave my org, I want the ability to move contacts.
@adawoodi Got it thanks!
I love Streak and the contacts management seems like a big deal now that they've added it. My only issue with Streak is that throughout the app you can see little bits of evidence that this is written by a team where English is not their first language. For example when building a mail merge they use the phrase "Given Name". In the states we would use "First Name" so it took a bit of time to figure some things out such as that. Once you get used to their phrasing on a few items it works really well.
@arlogilbert sorry that the text feels that way. The team here at Streak is mostly from the US and Canada so any issues you see are definitely a mistake. Feel free to send anything you find to aleem at streak and I'll take a look at fixing them.
to really work for me I want to bulk import contacts, then I'll get rid of of my legacy contact manager. can I do that?
@athletetaxes we're working on an import but quick question - do all your contacts belong to a deal that you already have in Streak? If not, what would you want to use the contact for in Streak?
@aloo no they would not. I want to get ride of contactually and have everything live in google mail. your product gets me most of the way there. But I have contacts for marketing and past project not attached to a deal.
@aloo Any plans for an iOS update soon? Streak is great on the web but lost me on mobile.
@apcommunicate we're launching an Android app soon and iOS updates to follow. Whats the number 1 thing we could improve for you on iOS?
@aloo @apcommunicate REALLY looking forward to this! Both an iOS update that improves things over all (most importantly supporting the Tasks features) and the new Android version especially.