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Hi Guys! Remember us? We were here on Product Hunt 9 months ago. Since then, we’ve been heads down working on an even more powerful and convenient version of the original Tribe. We just released Tribe 2.0 a few hours ago on the App Store and Play Store. We are also announcing our $3m seed round, led by the great folks at Sequoia Capital. Take a quick look at the video we’ve created from our hacker house that efficiently sums up what Tribe 2.0 has to offer our users:
Over the past 9 months since our Product Hunt debut, we have quietly grown the team from 4 to 9 and experimented with different types of technologies. We are continuously testing new messaging patterns, so feedback based on your experiences with Tribe 2.0 is very much appreciated. Go ahead and feel free to send us a few Tribe messages right now, we’d love to chat with you and hear what you have to say! @c @laurent @rymo
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@cyrilpaglino best product team in the game, congrats 🎉 It really feels like magic!
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@cyrilpaglino @c @laurent @rymo Congrats on the new version, and on the round!
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@rhaivimies Many thanks Rhai!!
@bryantchou Yaaay! And the website is made on webflow 👊🏼 A more detailed version is coming 👐🏼
@cyrilpaglino congrats on the new release and the round. Awesome team 😀
This is one of those rare, really rare, "I didn't know I wanted it until I got it" features. Amazing.
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@aidan Huhu, I know this feeling! 🍫
@cyrilpaglino, @ldesserrey - congrats on the launch! The product is beautiful as always 👍 One question: Have you seen any issues with requiring sound/volume for this product? Not that sound is explicitly required, but I don’t get much value out of consuming/sharing on Tribe without audio on. This strikes me as a potential problem, because the vast majority of smartphone usage takes place without sound. This is abundantly clear at Instagram/Facebook, where 80-90% of videos are watched without sound. I suspect that (for social reasons) this will continue until you can broadcast sound directly into your ear without: a) disturbing the people around you (like speakers) b) blocking out ambient sound (like headphones) c) requiring an additional step/plug-in (like headphones) I see this issue on other platforms as well. On SnapChat, what percentage of the time are you communicating via audio (talking, music, etc) vs via visual (photo/video, caption, geo-filters, face-filters, etc)? Anecdotally - I just went through my SnapChat stories, and 0 out of 39 of them required me to turn on audio. The value of the content was in the visual/caption. That’s better for me, because I’m in the office right now and didn’t want to turn on audio (headphones plugged into my laptop, not my phone). Has this been an issue at all? What percentage of Tribe videos are watched with sound on vs. off? Have you considered adding more visual communication tools (text captions, geo-filters, etc)? Curious to hear how you all think about this!
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@telenardo I guess that if that feature works as advertised that would be part of the solution: https://youtu.be/E6N6MZJstZ0?t=1... ?
Love the new version.
@davidkwele1 Thanks David, glad you enjoy it!
@ryanmorris55 great work, this looks fantastic!
@david_heimann means a lot coming from the legend himself. thanks dude!
Incredible product guys! Can't wait to test it with my friends
@alainduruy Thanks Alain !! Uber ordering + iCal works in many languages (even french) :)