Group video chat exclusively for iMessage

Fam is the first live video application built in and for the iMessage interface. After you download Fam, it will appear in your iMessage keyboard. With just a few taps, you can have a group video chat with unlimited friends at once inside your current iMessage group chats and one-on-one conversations.

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Thanks a lot for hunting us @chrismessina! Hi Product Hunt, I’m Giuseppe. We made this to offer our user base a way to seamlessly hangout with friends in group video chats right within their already existing iMessage group chats. At Fam we truly believe that group video can enrich the millions upon millions of iMessage group chats throughout the world. We’ll be here all day to answer your questions - we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 😃
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The eye reminds me of the Snapchat poster for its Snapbot location in New York 👁 I worry Im getting too old (at 26) to understand logistically how a group facetime can actually work haha. I always think with 3 or more people involved it becomes a mess, someone is always sat there in silence and you have to talk over each other to get heard. But then apps like this and Houseparty come along and take off and then it looks like I don't know what I'm talking about ha! OH and I absolutely have to tag @andrewett in here - he loves the word "Fam" 👊
@bentossell @andrewett Hey Ben, thanks for your comment! Appreciate the feedback. Group video is a new concept, and iMessage Apps are even newer of a concept. We truly believe that as people become educated on the power of enriching their already existing iMessage group chats that they will be able to share more and more meaningful experiences with each other. I agree that sometimes it may get noisy. We've been able to learn a lot though on how high school and college students alike behave in groups-- it's like none other. Welcome to the Fam!
@bentossell shoot I'm 25. It's dangerous to say that we're getting old fam
@gstuto @bentossell @andrewett group video is a new concept??
Hi Product Hunt! We're Fam. We created Fam to give people a way to be with the people closest to them - friends and family. Your group chats are the best, most natural place for live group video hangouts. We're looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!
Congrats Giuseppe. I have been using Houseparty lately! Will definitely checkout Fam. Definitely a fan of group video chat, much more time efficient and effective way of communicating with friends.
Congrats on the launch!! @gstuto and the Smack team are some of the smartest product and growth guys when it comes to targeting young audiences. Love the product and the pace at which you guys are building! Excited to see what's next