Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 24th, 2016

Airbnb's master plan 🏠🍝🚗✈️
Taking over the short-term rental industry was only the beginning for Airbnb. Last week the company announced a service called Trips, offering guided tours, restaurant reservations, flights, cars, and even perks like grocery delivery.

If you'll be staying at an Airbnb this holiday season this Chrome Extension will point you to all the nearby must-sees. If you're thinking of becoming a host, you’ll want to check these out:

• Beyond Pricing: Automatic Pricing for your Airbnb
• Your Porter: Run your Airbnb like a superhost
Guesty: Professional management for your Airbnb rental
Hosty: Product designed for Airbnb Hosts to give to their guests 
• BnBGoods: Discover the best products for Airbnb hosts on Amazon
Airbnb Trips
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