Product designed for Airbnb Hosts to give to their guests

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Hey Product Hunters! Happy to give all hosts 5% Off referred from product hunt, since we're at such an early stage. Use code "PRODUCTHUNT" at checkout for 5% off your order :) Connor, Founder
It would be awesome if the products were locally sourced from that town. Not scalable but definitely something Id enjoy receiving from an Airbnb when I visit a new town
Love this! Have currently been going to SuperStore and purchasing the Dove Travel Packs "for Him" and "for Her". This is much classier. And the same, if not cheaper, price.
@joshuapinter Definitely! Is there anything included in those packs that you'd like to see us include?
@connorrlee They included a small stick of anti-perspirant that could be valuable. They also included cotton swabs, which I think are unnecessary. Here's the For Him list: Dove Men Clean Comfort Body Wash 88 mL Dove Men Bar Extra Fresh 90 g Q-tips 30 cotton swabs Dove Men Fresh Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo 89 mL Dove Men Aero Shave Gel Hydrate 48 g Dove Men Clean Comfort AP 14 g And for Her: Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash 88 mL Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo 50 mL Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner 50 mL Dove AP Go Fresh Cool Essentials 14 g Q-tips 30 cotton swabs St. Ives 24 Hour Hand Cream 60 mL One thing I'd point out is that body wash is almost useless (I find) without a loofa. Dove includes a bar of soap instead. I'd prefer a bar of soap or a loofa with body wash.
@joshuapinter Thanks Josh. We'll probably add cotton swabs (why not). Working on getting an all natural bar of soap.What would you think about adding a razor and shaving cream?
@connorrlee That would complete the package I think, provided it doesn't cost too much. I can't think of another item that I carry with me on short trips.
Nice. This is really taking it up a step with Airbnb hosting.
I love this idea!!!