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It's great to be included on the best travel apps list. Amazing how much the community has grown since we launched in June. Great work @rrhoover !
@ianmchenry I added Beyond Pricing to my curation of great products/services that Airbnb hosts should know about: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/.... (see the "Managing Pricing" section). Cheers!
@anujadhiya Thanks! If you want to add some more to your list of folks to help you manage your property, check out all of our partners: https://beyondpricing.com/about/...
@ianmchenry That's awesome - thanks! I hadn't gotten most of those! Appreciate the heads up a lot :)
Looks great. Seems worth it.
Smart but I wonder how it works. Combine this with SuperHost (cc @iamkoby) to manage your Airbnb and you're set. :)
Surge pricing as a service, brilliant! I assume it gets more powerful and accurate as more people link their Airbnb account to this service (crowdsourcing data?).