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Discover must-see places when browsing Airbnb (Chrome ext)

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Hey hunters, Yossi from yapQ here. With the summer vacation already here, we thought how can we leverage our database of millions of POIs (Points of Interest) to benefit other travel related services. One of our developers was looking for a room in London on Airbnb and noticed that it’s hard to understand just how ‘close’ or ‘nearby’ a listing is from an interesting tourist attraction. So he went ahead and developed a plugin that connects our algorithm of must-see places to the listing’s location! Our goal here was to enhance the booking experience on Airbnb, which is why we kept a clean, Airbnb-like design. The yapQ plugin appears on the right-hand column of the page, displaying up to 20 different places per listing, along with an estimated walking time and a short description about the place. You can click on a place to open a hovering gallery view of all places, for easier exploration. We found the plugin to be most helpful with our bookings on Airbnb, and hope you will think the same. Shout out here or via email, happy to hear your thoughts: yossi@yapq.com. Safe travels, Yossi
Dvir Reznik
Marketer, Father, Dog owner
Great effort all around guys - kudos on making this happen in 36 hours!! And thanks to Amanda at The Next Web for covering our Chrome plugin for Airbnb: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/...
Web Developer
I love Airbnb, but always relied on Google Maps to help look for attractions when browsing (creating tab upon tab upon tab as I go!). This integration seems really logical, and aesthetically fits onto the page perfectly as well. Great job yapQ :)
Erika FooOctoparse-Web scraping tool
If you want to get data from Airbnb, → Scrape listings from Airbnb(https://helpcenter.octoparse.com...)