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We're going to add tips and tricks soon too. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. :)
Looks useful! Any chance you can add an option where people can recommend new products to add to the list?
@tauno Absolutely, good idea! Will get right on it. :)
Very clean interface and easy to use. Do you have plans to create a bundles list? That way hosts can save time + make a quick purchase without thinking what to get exactly.
This looks really similar to canopy..
@kevinhorvath If you mean the design then this kind of UI has been popular for a long time before Canopy came around. If you mean the curated Amazon idea itself then absolutely, but luckily Canopy is meant just for cool products and our site is specially for Airbnb places. :)
@peedutuisk Is there a front end framework for this type of site or did you guys build it from scratch? Just asking because I tried creating something similar for fun at http://amazoncuration.herokuapp....
@kevinhorvath I just made it from scratch because I wanted to learn more about Node.js, Angular.js and Express.js. That was actually my main reason for building the site, to get to know the technologies more, I've been a designer and a front-end guy most of my life so diving more into back-end programming has been interesting. I used Zurb's Foundation 6 for HTML and MixItUp for the sorting mechanism. I haven't looked around for templates or frameworks for this but I'm guessing there might be some up on Themeforest perhaps?
nice idea