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Such a smart and natural extension for Airbnb and as someone that dislikes planning (especially in unfamiliar cities and countries), I'm excited to give this a try. The Verge's @nickstatt's article headline summarizes it: Airbnb is transforming itself from a rental company into a travel agency. Related recommendation: @suzywillow and I recently traveled to Lisbon for Web Summit. We used Journy, a personal concierge that helps you plan what to see and where to eat. Super useful and affordable at $15/day.
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@rrhoover @nickstatt @suzywillow natural and great extension! I can't wait to give a try.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
@rrhoover @karrisaarinen I think our new app Mitty will be a great addition to having all of the apps you have mentioned above! https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Nice, similar to Eightydays.me but doesn’t have automatic touring

this looks great! congrats @keenancummings + team on the launch! reminds me of my friend’s (@austin_lane) company https://youshouldvisit.com/
@lukedupont @austin_lane how long has youshouldvisit been around? any specific types of trips or people they specialize with?
Surprised they didn't build this as a standalone app. Anyone have thoughts on why?
@taykcrane Significantly fewer eyes on product. Many, many startups have tried tackling this area, but none of them had the distribution airbnb does. Airbnb's smart to leverage that to the max imho.
@drewmeyers sure, but they could have solved this with deeplinking too... Facebook, Foursquare, etc. all do it.
Very cool, looks like Airbnb have really responded to users here. The focus on host-guest interaction is so key, and it seems that this is now the lead of the entire experience. Excellent job. Will be interesting to see how people use the 'local advice' vs TripAdvisor; whether Airbnb can direct people away from current travel habits is definitely a big question. Nice to see quotes from 'owners'--whether or not 'owners' will actually fill these out is another question.