Airbnb Trips

Travel and experience trips with locals



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Such a smart and natural extension for Airbnb and as someone that dislikes planning (especially in unfamiliar cities and countries), I'm excited to give this a try. The Verge's @nickstatt's article headline summarizes it: Airbnb is transforming itself from a rental company into a travel agency.

Related recommendation: @suzywillow and I recently traveled to Lisbon for Web Summit. We used Journy, a personal concierge that helps you plan what to see and where to eat. Super useful and affordable at $15/day.
Rodrigo Prior — CEO @
@rrhoover @nickstatt @suzywillow natural and great extension! I can't wait to give a try.
Karri Saarinen — Design at Airbnb. YC alumn.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
Aleh Tsikhanau — Eightydaysme Founder
Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring

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