What's the best Apple product ever designed?
iPod? AirPods? iMac? This started as a debate on our company Slack and we still can't decide. What do you think?
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the original changed everything for Apple
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@cwills the iphone is what changed everything for apple
@cwills I agree with this for sure. It was revolutionary.
based on design, I gotta say the iPod shuffle. That little cutie had its own clip-on and was great for workouts.
iPhone 5s Space Grey
@bjornftw Perfection. Finger print sensor. Best hardware with the best software.
Let's see if people have some sense in this thread! What's the best Apple product ever designed?
I think it's the iPod Classic
I'm wrong
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iPod was the first product of apple that was highly desirable for me.
iPhone 5s
Airpods: Simple, unique, industry changing and just works!
I adore airpods and overall wireless headphones!!! Also ApplePay and NFC. there are change my life, really.
In terms of impact - the iPhone for sure. But personally, my MacBook Air is the tech love of my life.
The Apple ipod, it was unique and and handy. Changed everything for users and Apple.
@raghav_leverage ah I remember my first iPod... I was so happy! The TV commercials were so cool.
Macbook Air and the Original iPod.
Homepod, iMac G4, Iphone 5
iPhone XR Red. beautiful.
Technically not a product on its own, but Mac OS is nice.
@kugel 100% Mac OS for life!
@kugel @donaldyann one could argue it was designed by NeXT